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lapping paste

Lapping Paste

Product Code: G2700

fine lapping paste for sharpening blades
80 grit lapping paste for mowers
lapping paste
paste for sharpening mower bottom blades

Industry standard Lapping or Grinding Paste for sharpening of blades. 

Oil Free
Low odour
Easy to use
Improves Cutting Performance
Cohesive gel provides faster sharpening
Suitable for most types of equipment
Low fling formula, which penetrates to the sharpening surfaces
Non drying, re-wettable formula, rinses with water even after standing
Resists slumping
Prevents corrosion on newly sharpened blades

80 grit
(Coarse) - for maintenance of gang mowers and rough sharpening of low cutters. 
120 grit (Medium) - for fine finishing of large mowers and maintenance of low cutters. 
220 grit (Fine) - for ultra fine finishing of ornamental cutters. 

All sold in 5kg containers.
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