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Ball Retriever Tray

Product Code: G660

fairway products lifter golf ball retriver and cup saver
ball tray for golf hole cup and flag stick
easylift golf ball retriever for flag stick
fairway easylift ball retriever for golf course

A handy little ball tray gadget supplied to cope with the recent changes in the rules of golf and social distancing measures.

Since the flagstick can now remain in the hole when putting, FAIRWAY PRODUCTS have come up with a clever but simple way to easily retrieve the ball from the hole with the flagstick still in place. It can also be adapted for social distancing - so no need to touch the flagstick. It also saves the hole too!!

The ball retriever and golf hole cup saver - Features and benefits:
  • Removes golf balls without damaging the cup or surrounding turf.
  • 1 piece ball tray design - the retriever simply slides into position above the ferrule on the flagstick.
  • Lift the flagstick and the ball comes up with it.
  • This retriever does not interfere with the existing ferrule to hole cup fit, and meets current R&A and USGA updated rules (2020) for flagstick manufacturers. It can be added to flagsticks provided it is set at the correct depth below the putting green surface. 
  • Can be adapted (under local rules) for covid-19 / social distancing guidelines by sliding further up the flagstick near to the hole cup rim to retrieve a ball without touching the flagstick.
  • Made from lightweight and durable plastic 
Sold individually or in packs of 10

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