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Contactless Ball Lifter

Product Code: G661

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Please note ...... we will be phasing out this product over the coming months. Although still available, when they're gone, they're gone!!

This STAY SAFE Contactless Ball Lifter enables golf ball removal from the hole cup without the need to touch the flag stick or cup. Suitable for courses reopening with restricted play during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The Contactless lifter sits snugly in the hole cup when not in use.

Once the ball is played into the hole, raise the top of the contactless lifter with a putter, and safely retrieve the ball off the green without touching the flag pin or hole cup with hands. Yellow decal states message to ‘lift with putter'.

To install, remove flag plus any pin top caps and attachments, slide the rubber grommet (provided) down to the bottom of the pin (touching the ferrule) and then slide the contactless lifter over the pin and drop to the base, replace caps and any attachments.

Features and Benefits
– Use your putter to lift the device upwards
– Golf ball will automatically roll onto the green
– Pick up golf ball without having to touch the flag pin or the hole cup
– Speeds up regular play

Suitable for our ½” diameter standard, spin system, and deluxe fibreglass flag pins, and our 5/8” diameter links fibreglass flag pin ranges. For use under local rules. Not suitable for our economy or Javelin Tournament flag sticks.

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