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Hole Groomer

Product Code: G1650

clippy hole groomer for golf course
golf hole refresher and rejuvinator
golf hole trimmer
Croucher and Crowder hole groomer
hole-groomer for golf course holes
guillotine action golf hole trimmer
hole groomer
golf hole groomer

Quickly refresh the look of your course & practice green cups with a hole groomer. Just place the tool in the cup and pull the lever! Reduce the frequency of hole changes (saving time and money), and leave your hole with a crisp, tournament finish.

How the groomer works:
1. Insert the round blade inside the hole (with or without the cup in position).
2. It rests on the base plate, and traps the edge of the hole (that has lost its shape).
3. Several quick squeezes on the handle will result in a Guillotine Action.
4. Rotate the razor sharp blade in the opened position through 90 degree and repeat.
5. Remove to reveal a perfect regulation 4.25 inch Diameter Trimmed Hole with a crisp edge that every tournament and club golfer will appreciate on the putting surface.

With the recent rule changes in golf having a negative impact on the edge of the golf hole, this ingenious device is a must-have for your course!
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