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invisible cup cover (icup)

Invisible Cup Cover (icup)

Product Code: G3601

invisible golf hole cup cover with natural grass
iCUP installed on green
golf hole cup cover with grass
invisible icup hole cup cover


Please note ...... we will be phasing out this product over the coming months. Although still available, when they're gone, they're gone!!

The iCUP is an innovative solution to artificial grass cup covers - which uses the natural grass!

The invisible hole cup cover will save the greenkeeper time and work. You can have as many invisible cups in the green as you need as they can not be seen. The invisible cup uses the same principle as multiple cups in the greens. You cover the regulation size golf cup with the invisible cup that has the grass inside from your own green to hide the golf cup, not a plastic cap. When in place, the grass inside the invisible cup is level with the grass on the green. Golfers can putt over it, as they can not see them, only the greenkeeper knows they are there.

The invisible cup is made from the same plastic as a golf cup, the core of soil that you take out of the hole is trimmed to size and put inside the invisible cup, which is 4 inches deep. Plenty of room for the grass roots to grow!! It needs no special maintenance, and uses the metal centre pin supplied to lift the invisible cup out of the golf cup using only a pitch repairer. The centre pin when pressed into the soil, will sit 2 mm under the level of green. You can even cut and roll the green with the invisible cup in place!!

PLEASE NOTE: The iCUP fits both our Standard plastic hole cups (G30/G31) and our Pro Aluminium hole cups (G32/G33). It does not fit snugly in our deluxe hole cups, and we cannot vouch for the fit in other manufacturer's hole cups.

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