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Hose End Fittings

Product Code: G3007

fan shot watering nozzle
fan shot hose end for spraying greens
fan shot hose nozzle
cool shot hose nozzle
cool shot hose end for spraying greens
cool shot watering nozzle


This Family of hose end fittings by John Deere are available in 3 varieties, (all with a 1" threaded female inlet) to include:

FAN SHOT PLUS (with red nozzle)The FAN SHOT is a slotted fan spray nozzle designed for various flows, complete with flow regulator. The FAN SHOT is supplied with a slotted red nozzle which delivers 75.70 litres per minute. It includes a regulator with on/off control, and constructed from economical high impact plastic.

COOL SHOT PLUS  (with flat yellow nozzle) The COOL SHOT PLUS watering nozzle with improved shower pattern is now unbeatable for cooling and soaking your golf greens, sports pitches or large grass areas. It has a regulator which includes on/off switch and flow control. This heavy duty nozzle is designed for all round use. Whether its spraying hot spots, using the jet to clean equipment, or soaking greens - this nozzle can cope.

HOT SHOT PLUS * all sold - sorry - no more available*
If you could only have one nozzle, this would probably be it! The HOT SHOT PLUS watering nozzle is considered to be one of the best on the market. It's super heavy duty construction features aircraft spec aluminium with high-impact composite components. It has a fully adjustable flow control - from a strong jet stream to a mist. Quick on/off control with a 132 litres per minute flow rate - awesome!!
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