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Measured Point Marker

Product Code: G4800

measured point tee marker
turf cutter for measured point tee marker
cutting turf to fit a tee marker
mow over red tee marker
mow over yellow marker
mow over white tee marker
red measured point marker
spike ground fixing on measured point tee marker

These heavy duty HDPE (plastic) measured point mow-over markers are virtually bullet proof! They can be purchased individually, or in sets of 18. Available in several colour options, they can also be used as oversized or large tee markers.
  • Diameter : 245mm (9.5”)
  • Thickness : 19mm (3/4”)
  • Supplied with 2 x 100mm (4”) long M6 threaded steel spikes per disc
  • Green and Black available as a special order (subject to minimum order quantity and manufacture lead times)
If you require an installation tool (as shown in the images), why not purchase our 265mm diameter sprinkler head trimmer (plus handle), which can be found in our Irrigation and Amenity products section. This can also be used as a trimming tool once the discs are installed.

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