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Safety Specs & Goggles

Product Code: G2634

safety spectacles with wrap around lens
sports style safety spectacles
grey lens safety spectacles with cord
grey lens safety spectacles
direct vent safety goggles
clear pvc direct vented safety goggles
deluxe safety goggles
cat 3 ppe safety goggles

Deluxe Safety Spectacles (Clear Lens) 
Conforms to EN 166.1.F. 
Sleek, close fitting, style conscious safety spectacles with synthetic rubber side arm grips for comfort. Scratch resistant polycarbonate lens.

Sport Grey Lens Safety Specs 
Conforms to EN 166.1.F and EN 172 
Single piece polycarbonate anti-scratch lens. Lightweight at just 21g. 

Direct Vent Safety Goggles 
Conforms to EN 166.1.B 
Large bodied profile for widest possible vision and the advantage of lightweight style for comfort. Flexible PVC body giving soft contact face seal that forms a good protective fit. General purpose goggles with direct vents so WILL NOT prevent ingress of dust or particles.

Deluxe Safety Goggles 
Conforms to EN 166.1.K & N ratings 
These Safety Goggles are made with super soft, flexible plastic that conforms comfortably to the face. It's OTG design fits over most prescription eye glasses, providing a comfortable, secure seal. Category 3 PPE. Indirect vents on the top and bottom permit airflow, prevent fogging, and protect against liquids, dust, and flying debris

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