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air horn alarm station

Air Horn Alarm Station

Product Code: G2750

emergency air horn for golf course
golf course player recall in emergency
air horn alarm station for golf course

Use this station as a temporary fire alarm solution or as an alarm to recall players from the course in adverse weather.

The station consists of a wall mountable red box with transluscent front door, an emergency airhorn and an airhorn refill cansiter plus a wall mountable sign. This station is supplied with a wall mountable plastic bracket which allows you to quickly clip in or remove the box from the wall. 

Alarm Features :
box size 27cm x 24cm x 10cm ;
mounting bracket ;
complete airhorn with trumpet ;
airhorn refill canister.


Warning: Airhorns are pressurised containers. Protect from sunlight, heat, sparks and flames. Do not expose to temperatures exceeding 50 degrees C. May burst if heated.

The horn delivers a high pitch sound that is audible at distances of up to 1500m away.
  • no need for batteries or mains electricity
  • can produce up to 30 2-second blasts
  • hand held air horn is a compact and portable device
  • produces 110Db (audible at distances of up to 1500m)
  • non-flammable propellant: activated carbon/carbon dioxide
  • environmentally friendly; contains no CFC or HFC GWP (Global Warming potential) of 1
  • to operate, simply press down on the plastic trumpet - to stop, release trumpet
Please note: this item cannot be shipped by air for safety reasons (UN1950), please allow for slower delivery to some parts of the UK.

From January 1st 2015, EU companies can no longer manufacture or sell aerosol gas horns that use hydro fluorocarbon gas. Fluorinated gases have a high global warming potential (GWP). A European Union Regulation (EU 517-2014) aims to reduce this major contributor to climate change.
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