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hio holecutter

Hio Holecutter

Product Code: G179

H10 golf hole cutter machine
Hio golf hole cutter machine
hio holecutter
outside cut clay blade for hio holecutter
par aide hio hole cutting machine for golf course
par aide hio holecutter
paraide hio holecutter blade for golf course
Single shell blade hio holecutter

The art of hole cutting taken up a notch.
The par aide HiO (hole in one) holecutter has been called the best pound-in holecutter on the market. Greenkeepers everywhere have been won over by its precision, ease of use and time saving ability. To operate, simply pull out the pin, lift the handle and the hammer action drives the blade into the ground. Re-insert the pin and the lever action completes the hole cutting and extraction process. Available with sand or clay blades. A selection of hio spare parts are also available.
Enjoy the following advantages: 
  • Perfectly round holes with clean edges. 
  • Easy on arms and shoulders — no twisting required. 
  • Easy for any crew member to operate. 
  • Powerful action works great on clay-based “push up” greens. 
  • Achieve uniform hole depth. 
  • Saves time. 
Par Aide HiO Hole Cutter with its patented design, means perfectly cut holes that keep greens looking great and playing true, all while saving you time and effort.

N.B. Minimal assembly required following delivery.
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