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solid plastic cup cover

Solid Plastic Cup Cover

Product Code: G360

recycled plastic cap for standard regulation golf hole cup
recycled plastic cover for standard golf hole cup
solid plastic cover for standard golf hole cup
solid plastic golf hole cup cover with rebate

A 4.25" diameter solid golf hole cup cover made from extremely robust heavy duty HDPE plastic material. Slotted in the centre to allow easy removal with a flat head screwdriver, multi-tool or similar. Machined rebate allows cup cover to sit nice and snug within the hole cup when set to regulation depth. No fuss - just a great product at a great price. Will last for many years.

PLEASE NOTE: These cup covers are designed to fit installations where the top rim of the hole cup is set at the R&A regulation depth of 1" below the top surface of the grass. Cannot be used in conjunction with hole highlighter/soil retaining rings (unless the ring is removed).
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