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blue dye granules

Blue Dye Granules

Product Code: G3009m

spray pattern indicator dye for golf course
blue spray pattern indicator dye
blue spray pattern indicator dye sachet
granular blue dye for golf course

Blue granular spray pattern indicator dye and lake colourantIndicator Blue Granules in 1 KG tub. Professional strength, highly concentrated and cost effective:
  • Aids identification of blocked nozzles and helps to eliminate the risk of dangerous overlaps as well as identifying missed areas of spray solutions
  • Reduces light into ponds, lakes and water features
  • Applied product is safe for the environment, people, pond and aquatic wildlife.
Greens, tees, fairways and outfields: Dormant and light turf begin with 15 - 25 grams per 100L tank mix. Darker and taller grass may require 40 grams. 
Lake Colourant: Average depth of lake, 1 metre or below = 10 grams per 100 cubic metres of water. Average depth of lake, 1 metres or above = 8 grams per 100 cubic metres of water.Follow by monthly application to maintain colour intensity. 

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