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litter mate

Litter Mate

Product Code: G141-PB

litter bin and bracket for post
plastic litter bin for ballwasher post on golf course
trash mate litter bin for golf ballwasher post

High Quality solid and durable polyethelene plastic litter bin with detachable lid for easy installation and removal of bin liners. Designed to attach easily to a round ball washer post. 

Set comes complete with green bin, black lid (with opening) and a complete post mounting bracket.

  • Polyethelene construction  : impervious to rusting and denting. 
  • Maximum UV protection added to prevent brittleness and fading. 
  • Capacity: 9 gal / 34.1 litres. Also accepts litter bin liners. 
  • Windproof, snap-on lids. 
  • Convenient attachment to ball washer pipe reduces number of objects to be moved before mowing. 
  • Flexible design allows you to add a second receptacle for recycling. 
  • Stackable/nesting design saves storage space and cuts down carriage costs. 
  • Mounting hoops are pre-treated for added protection and then powder-coated. 

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