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mini golf rake

Mini Golf Rake

Product Code: G2100

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No bunker rakes on course? Not a problem with the MiniRake from Fairway Products!!  An ingenious personalised alternative to your course provided rake.

Golfers carry MiniRake around with them. It fits easily into or on a golf bag, and slides up on a sand wedge shaft and on to the golf club grip when required (for best results use with a standard size grip).

  • Compact and portable.
  • Easily attaches to your golf bag with a clip (provided).
  • A durable plastic rake that lasts for many years.
  • Available in 3 colours - Green, Blue and Pink.
  • Ideal for personal use during COVID-19 restrictions.
  • Overall Length = 22.5cm
  • Overall Height = 8cm
  • Overall depth = 8cm.
How to use
  1. After taking the bunker shot, place MiniRake on the sand wedge shaft.
  2. Slide MiniRake along the sand wedge shaft and on to the rubber hand grip. The clever design will ensure your club now mimics a small personal bunker rake.
  3. Rake the bunker in the normal way.
  4. Slide the MiniRake back up the shaft to remove
Priced individually and in boxes of 60 when ordering in bulk.

Additional price breaks available for 240 and 960 quantities.

For orders of 2400 pcs or more, p
lease contact us for prices and further information

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