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Earthway Fertiliser Spreaders

Product Code: G220

earthway fertiliser spreader
Ev-n-Spred 2600a plus fertiliser spreader
earthway ev-n-spred spreader
Ev-n-Spred 2600a plus fertiliser spreader gear lever
earthway spreader
18kg spreader hopper

Please Note: Photos shown relate only to the Earthway EV-n-Spred 2600A+ Fertiliser Spreader only

Stock update October 2021: F80PD & 2600A+ models currently in stock.

Earthway Ev-n-Spred FlexSelect F80PD

The Earthway Ev-n-Spred FlexSelect F80PD is a flexible, professional broadcast spreader with a 36kg capacity hopper. The FlexSelect range has been designed to ensure extremely accurate application, ease of operation and a long working lifetime. The F80PD features a diamond design epoxy powder-coated chassis and is supplied with the medium output tray with oscillating agitator, which can be interchanged with high and low-output trays for different materials and applications.
  • 36L Hopper
  • Will carry up to 40kg
  • Cover ground faster
  • For year round use
  • Up to 8m spread width
  • Interchangeable tray system
  • Large footprint for turf or grip on ice
  • No 'sticky cables to rust when applying salt
  • Rain cover available (added cost option)) - contact us for details

Earthway EV-n-Spred 2150 Fertiliser Spreader
This broadcast estate spreader applies grass seed, fertiliser and all types of products that require broadcast spreading in professional situations.
  • Heavy duty chassis
  • 33cm pneumatic stud type wheels on rust-proof rims
  • 23kg rustproof hopper
  • EV-n-Spred 3 hole drop system
  • Rain cover available (added cost option)) - contact us for details

Earthway EV-n-Spred 2600A+ Fertiliser Spreader.
Designed for regular use on smaller and medium sized areas of turf. Rugged all year round multi-use estate spreader.
  • Heavy duty chassis
  • Large 20cm pneumatic wheels
  • 18kg capacity rust-proof hopper
  • EV-n-spred 3 hole drop system
  • Solid on/off control and linkage for extra strength
  • Tubular handle shaft
  • Rain cover available (added cost option) - contact us for details

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